This is an original song, from a large group of songs I wrote and performed in the mid-1980s. It comes from a concert at a local store, Just Alan, on Route 28 in Shokan.

Press the play button to hear “Isn’t It Fun” written and sung by Leslie Gerber at Just Alan, 1985.

One Response to “Leslie Sings 1985”

  1. Katherine Hoover Says:

    Well… a little of the dark side in your early work?? I recognize that special Gerber comedic touch… What are you writing these days? Love the piano style, by the way

    I finally realized some things Judy K. was was getting at in her remarks, and used the information, I hope, wisely. Still planning to put out a book for my own satisfaction… I have to email her and see if she is doing anything public any time soon… readings etc, including (I hope) one of the pieces I did for her…

    and you, my friend? How are you doing? I thought I had read all your posts but I see some I may have missed – will happily catch up.

    Warmest wishes,