Many of my best interviews have been audio ones, done for radio programs. (Of these, by far the most exciting was my first phone interview with Vladimir Feltsman, done when he was still a refusenik stuck in his Moscow apartment. the interview was arranged by the U.S. State Department. It became part of a program on him for WDST in Woodstock which was rebroadcast by WQXR and by Voice of America.) A slightly later interview, also done while Feltsman was still in Moscow, was cut off abruptly when he began to make critical comments about the Soviet government. Obviously someone was listening.

Some of my more interesting audio interviews are posted on this website. The uninteresting ones I’ll keep to myself.
I have done other interviews for Amazon, Fanfare, and often for the Woodstock Times. I’m very fond of interviewing, which I find stimulating, and hope to do more. The print interviews were almost all done over the telephone.

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