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4 Responses to “Subscribe to the blog”

  1. James Kreger Says:

    Greetings Leslie! Good to re-connect!
    All the best,


  2. Fred Strine Says:

    Hi Mr. Piano Head!

    Good to be in touch again. I’m the Cziffra collector from Seattle who used to ask you for CD recommendations about a decade ago. You also sent me cassettes of some of your radio programs. So glad you have this blog. Have always used your Amazon reviews as a personal guide. If Leslie Gerber likes this recording, I will too. You ought to get a kickback from all the CDs I’ve bought from Amazon. Do you still have Cairn terriers? Hope I remembered that right. Look forward to reading everything on your blog.

    Fred Strine

  3. len goran Says:

    I was just wondering since you were born in 1943 and am from brooklyn if you were in my SP class at montauk jr. high school? Regards, Len

  4. Leslie Gerber Says:

    I went to Walt Whitman Jr. High School in Brooklyn.

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