The reviews selected for this site come from among thousands I have written for various magazines and websites since 1964 (even earlier, counting ones I wrote for the Brooklyn College newspaper Ken). If you have some reason for wanting to see even more of them, a Google search will turn up many of the more than 1500 brief CD reviews I wrote for Amazon from the time that company started selling classical CDs. I’ve also written for Fanfare, the American Record Guide, Classical Pulse (published for a while by Tower Records), and, for many years, the Woodstock Times.

Possibly interesting note: When Amazon first opened its classical music page, the management decided they wanted as many professional reviews along with the listings as possible. They hired as editor someone I was already working for at another magazine. He gave me five weeks to write as many reviews as I could manage, suggesting that I cannibalize previously published reviews in other magazines and rewriting them to a 150 word maximum format. I turned out 700 in the five weeks, the equivalent of a good-sized book. Only one other reviewer did more.

As you can easily notice, my strongest areas of specialization are piano music and historical recordings. (My job at Performance Today was reviewing historical classical reissues.) I am not particularly expert with vocal music, although not totally ignorant either. But I have handled reviews of chamber and orchestral music with comfort.

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